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This section is a rule of thumb notes on the general sonic impact of the upgrades.

To provide our clients with a more customized needs approach to sound, we at Jolida have spent the last two years refining and testing our units with different parts and slight changes to the circuits. We are implementing an upgrade path for the Jolida equipment. The path will follow five basic packages. It should be noted that there will be minor variations depending on the given Jolida model. The five basic categories are

Upgrade I: Resistor, diode, capacitor and tube upgrade.

Increased definition, tighter bass, more focus in the midrange, more body in the holographic image.

Upgrade II: WBT Speaker Post, Cardas Input Jacks.

Bocks RF and lowers the noise floor which increases air.

Upgrade III: Addition of bybee rails.

Significant decrease in noise and increases air in the holographic image.

Upgrade IV: Changing the internal wire to ultra high grade signal wire.

We use OCC wire which is single crystal wire. In terms of sound it increases weight, maintains smoothness in the highs, dynamics and pace are increased, and increases transparency.

Upgrade V: Use of Hi End Capacitors eiither in the output stage or the coupling cap stage or both. Regarding the placement of hi grade capacitors, we primarily use Rike oil and paper capacitors, Audyn True Copper Capacitors. If the caps are not either Rike or Audeyn, you will need to call for pricing.

Transparency, weight, detail, bigger black background, nuances to the notes, better separation and more holographic image.