Peter's statement:

Jolida/Black Ice Audio with Von Schweikert: Slowly morphing from the brand name Jolida to Black Ice Audio is not the only thing new with the brand, Jerred Dunkerson and Jim Fosgate continue to collaborate to produce lots of new products introduced this year at AXPONA. Check out the video, soon to come, for product details. Of the many Jolida rooms I’ve entered into over the years, this one was one of the best sounding. Obviously, all of the work and team efforts have paid off. The sound with the Von Schweikert E-3 MkII loudspeakers was dynamic and with depth. We listened to our Equinox CD recorded by Soundkeeper Recordings and no doubt, I could easily have stayed longer for more listening but my schedule does not allow for such a luxury.

Modwright, Daedalus, WyWires The sound was nothing short of spectacular with tremendous finesse and refinement. Dan Wright introduced his line of electronics (see upcoming video) which included his proud new baby the Ambrose One class-A reference tube pre-amp and the tube modified Oppo Sonica DAC/Streamer. We listened through the beautiful Daedalus Apollo floorstanding speakers a Dead Can Dance track on a VPI turntable. The room was wired up by Alex Sventisky of WyWires. Yet, another room I would like to have spent more time in.

Source: AV Showrooms